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My tumblr is about music in general, not just Hip-Hop, gay rights, wrestling, and few other things. Most of these pics are not mines.
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Every online game ever.

True example of injustice.

I might anger folks with this pic, but it needed to be said.

18 years! 18 years! And on the 18th birthday, he found out it wasn’t his?

Another reason why Old School Hip-Hop is much better.

Another reason why Old School Hip-Hop is much better.

When we’re riding, you’ll listen to whatever music I’m listening. Don’t change the station.

Of course, it’s not only the Black race, but it is mainly and the majority of Black girls nowadays. Whatever happened to having self-respect, class, and not freely opening y’all legs to anyone who looks like 2 Chainz? Seriously, how is anyone going to take us seriously when we don’t even respect ourselves.

This is exactly me

He’s right, you know. Oh, and this isn’t originally mine; borrow it from a buddy. His FB page is on the pic.

How many of us wrestling fans can relate to this?

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